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You have the unique opportunity to Grab this “Exclusive” .com domain name
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With email ??????

Let me first explain why having the “Exclusive” .com domain is so important.

For the Business

If you are not in business, you can skip this and go down to the heading You the Individual

grabmydomainnameWhether you are a small one man band OR a large multinational YOUR business needs that important .com Identity.

I have seen many businesses using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. Can you believe that a business would set up a business and try to run it with one of these mass produced email domains, but yes some do, they know nothing about “Branding” themselves, or their business.

For those businesses that have missed the golden opportunity to “Grab” their own .com domain they have to choose 2nd best a .net, .biz, .co, NOTHING can beat the professional image of a .com at the end of your domain name/email address.

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Domain and Personalized Email

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Domain and Personalized Email

Many businesses result to having or  /  or numbers in their domain. This looks bad and it is for a business, it’s badly thought out and not a professional image.

You need to protect that business name of yours, so covering yourself now, and in years to come, is about thinking a little ahead, you may think you don’t need it now, but you do. When your business is rolling, you will have wished you had Grabbed that unique .com domain when you had the chance.

Thinking outside of the box is always good at this point, protecting your business, making sure no one else can Grab it. The last thing you want is to find your competition has Grabbed YOUR .com domain and it re-directing to their website…O YES this happens. So you need to cover a few possible uses.

A .com domain will ALWAYS rank higher in Google search results, FACT!
1010_4597055In fact 84% higher according to Google. The way people are thinking about websites and landing pages are changing. EVERYONE searches these days and the .com is KING, it will bring up your site faster than anything else. 

With a .com domain you have 84% more control on content and the way people will view your business or you as an individual.

Always remember there is ONLY one .com it’s a VERY EXCLUSIVE club the .com club.

Why Domain Names Are So Important

Why Domain Names Are So Important

Most .com names have been taken years ago, so if you have an opportunity to “Grab” your then GRAB IT WITH OPEN ARMS, IF YOU DON’T SOMEONE ELSE WILL

Even if you don’t use that .com domain now, you can park it, and re-direct it to any website you like, the aim is to make sure no one else Grabs this from under you. Protecting your business interest starts with your domain identity.

As a Business having your own unique .com domain name offers you business protection

  • It allows you to cover all variables of your domain name, grabbing your .com from those, that could be used against you by your competition
  • You have 84% more power over Google search
  • You will rank much higher is search with a .com domain

You the Individual

Having your own personal unique .com domain is Grabbing something that ONLY
1 person in the World will have, and that person is YOU.
That unique .com domain will stay with you for life.

LogoIt’s a kin having a Private car number plate, an engraved watch, something only 1 person in the World can have, while there may be millions of John Smiths out there ONLY 1 John Smith can EVER have  with the email address ????

Whilst many people use the terrible mass produced Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo controlled email addresses, you need to be different, you need to be Individual.

Top 10 Reasons to Own Your Personal Domain Name

Top 10 Reasons to Own Your Personal Domain Name

The Opportunity to Grab your own .com domain is rare as most have been taken years ago.

As an Individual having your own unique .com domain name offers you so much.

  • It gives you your own personal Identity on the worldwide web
  • You have 84% more power over Google search
  • You control what people will see when they search for you.
  • It will stay with you for life, your own personal Identity
  • If you have your own unique .com domain you can forward it to your Twitter, Tumbler or Facebook account
  • If now, or in the future, you want to create an online presence what better way to do it, than with your own unique .com domain.
    Remember, there is ONLY one of you and only ONE unique domain name

In years to come you will you will need that unique .com domain identity once it’s gone…
It’s gone for life, you will only have one chance to Grab this unique .com domain.

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